A Board member will be present

December 13th, 11am – 1pm

for those who need to renew their membership for 2021


if they have any Raffle tickets to return

Also, you can contact any board member for assistance.  Their phone numbers are listed in the “About Us” section

6-Gun Raffle drawing is Weds Dec 16th at 7:30am




There will be only one raffle this year.  Normally we have two (Turkey Shoot & Sight-In-Days).  The 6-Gun Raffle will be a major source outside income for this year.
We are asking all members to help support the club by buying and selling raffle tickets.  There are incentives in place for selling tickets.
We are all dealing with strange and unsettling times and we thank you for your understanding in these matters.





That means 6 feet apart.

That’s two AR-15 Carbines or nine 1911 pistols between us.


New members safety orientation class

We will be giving safety orientation classes by appointment only.  New members please email us to arrange an appointment.


On the rifle/pistol range the only acceptable targets are paper targets or the steel gong, period.

Any member shooting anything else won’t be a member long.

For the vast majority of members who this message doesn’t apply, thank you.  If you do see anyone violating safety rules stop them and/or report them to the Safety Committee.

We are only one bullet away from being shut down.

Off hours trap shooting using a prepaid card system has replaced the coin-op machine on Trap No. 3.  The prepaid cards are available at the clubhouse.  Cards will be loaded with 5 rounds of trap for $25.00 and 10 rounds of trap for $50.00.  Plus an initial $2.50 for the card.

The 2021 membership renewal available.

You may mail in the form or stop by when the club house is open.
(Please check the calendar for available dates)

Download (DOC, 468KB)

Thank you for being a member!

Membership dues are;
$40 per year. (Family membership cover spouse and any children under 18.)
Annual Range Pass $25 or Daily Range Pass $3 (required for range use)
Non-Volunteer Fee $30
Memberships are valid Jan 1st until Dec 31st each year.

All new members are required to attend one of the clubs Safety-Orientation class prior to being admitted to the clubs grounds. Once the class is completed you will be issued Security codes and membership


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Van Dyne Sportsmen Club is proud to be wheelchair accessible.