Club Championship Shoot  and Picnic

Sunday Aug. 28th, 10am -4pm

Van Dyne Sportsmans Club 2016 Turkey Shoot Raffle Winners

1. $5,000 Felipe Rodrigues Fond du Lac

2. $1,500 Larry DeServi Winneconne

3. $500 Jack Hughes

4. $200 Betty Barr Oshkosh

5. $200 Jan Babler Van Dyne

6. $200 Jon Pupeter Oshkosh

7. $200 Alex Neubauer Berlin

8. $200 Jason Schraufnagel Brownsville

9. $100 Jim Wright Oshkosh

10. $100 Robert Garbe Oshkosh

11. $100 Ron Gorchels Oshkosh

12. $100 Ella Riley Oshkosh

13. $100 Charles Cristaldi Oshkosh

14. $100 Bob Bernstein Oshkosh

15. $100 Goose Grafton

16. $100 Brian Briskie Pine River

17. $100 Brian Seffen

18. $100 Kay Krause Oshkosh

19. $100 Russell Hanson Van Dyne

20. $100 Louis Wright Oshkosh

21. $100 Martin Unger Oshkosh

22. $100 Daniel McCulloch Oshkosh

23. $100 Shane Braun Van Dyne

24. $100 Jeff Weichman


Monthly Member’s Mtg. – 4th Wednesday of Each Month, January – October, 7:00pm.The January meeting awards are presented to League Teams



All new members are required to attend a Safety Orientation Class before receiving their membership card and security codes. Please RSVP if you plan on attending one of


Click link below for the latest results.
2016 22 Rim Fire League results (last updated 07/19/16)

The league is a 10 week summer league starting May 23rd and finishing July 25th. Matches will be shot only on Monday nights from 4:00 p.m. to sundown. If situations occur that entrants can not shoot, a 2 week extension will be in effect not to exceed 4 weeks. Benchrest Rifles are not permitted in the match.

The two rifle classifications are Factory and Modified. Factory will be shot at 25 yds. If any rifle is modified beyond Factory limits it must shoot in the Modified class which shoots at 50 yard only.

Scoring results will be posted in the range house as well as on our website.

A panel consisting of Scott Baier, Glen Hartjes and Bill Luckey will determine what class a rifle belongs to if the question should arise. This league will be self regulating without a manager present every Monday night.


Dear Member,

The 2016 membership renewal form is now available in the about us section of the webpage or by clicking the link below. If you send in your form, please make sure to address it to the PO box listed in the address field.

2016 Membership Renewal Form.

VDSC Board of Directors


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