Van Dyne Sportsmen Club 2019 Turkey Shoot Raffle Winners
Amount Winner City Ticket Number
1. $5,000 Bill Kies Van Dyne, WI 332
2. $1,500 David Cronce Oshkosh, WI 2958
3. $500 Robert Preybyl Jr. Berlin, WI 1300
4. $200 Dan Kohlmon Appleton, WI 176
5. $200 Kelly Anderson Berlin, WI 702
6. $200 Wayne Stadtmucker Oshkosh, WI 1272
7. $200 Dan Polishinsk Oshkosh, WI 269
8. $200 John Miller Oshkosh, WI 503
9. $100 Dan Kohlmon Appleton, WI 174
10. $100 Jeff Day Oshkosh, WI 2780
11. $100 Jeff Wiechman Oshkosh, WI 1366
12. $100 Hunter’s Inn Redfield, WI 141
13. $100 John Wolfe Fond du Lac, WI 462
14. $100 Jeff Yakaitas Fond du Lac, WI 354
15. $100 Mike Crump Omro, WI 2313
16. $100 Alayna Vadnais 2697
17. $100 Jessica Leiberg Verona, WI 2847
18. $100 Phil Levenhagen Oshkosh, WI 1079
19. $100 Cheryl Cheslock Menasha, WI 103
20. $100 Troy Kuehl Iron Ridge 2991
21. $100 Al Shepherd Oshkosh, WI 1521
22. $100 Craig Larson Oshkosh, WI 499
23. $100 Kim Jungwirth Oshkosh, WI 123
24. $100 Jeni Werner Fond du Lac, WI 417

Fall 22 Rimfire Rifle League – Sign-Up Now
Starts July 29th. Runs 10 Weeks
See “Leagues” for more information.

Lake Fly Shoot 200yrd

Sunday, Aug 25th. 9am – 11am

That nasty ol Lake Fly is still out.  Nobody got em last time out.  During the shoot we had to stop because a fawn came out at about 150yds and started browsing right in the middle of the shooting lane.  Come and give the Lake Fly Shoot a try.


Change to open to the public shooting hours.  Thursday mornings will be open from 8am till 11:30am.   Instead of 8 till Noon.

Skeet Range

If it ain’t one thing it’s another.  The 

The Skeet Range is Open

Another Updates 6-21-19

The NFDL School shop class completed the repairs to the skeet house.  The school class did the work for NO cost.  All VDSC had to do was pay for materials.  A definite win win situation.

 Many thanks to NFDL School Shop Class for their excellent work.

Electrical issues have been resolved and the Skeet Field is up and running.

 Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

New members safety orientation class

Email us for the next class date & time

If you’re attending please RSVP


On the rifle/pistol range the only acceptable targets are paper targets or the steel gong, period.

Any member shooting anything else won’t be be a member long.

For the vast majority of members who this message doesn’t apply, thank you.  If you do see anyone violating safety rules stop them and/or report them to the Safety Committee.

We are only one bullet away from being shut down.

Off hours trap shooting using a prepaid card system has replaced the coin-op machine on Trap No. 3.  The prepaid cards are available at the clubhouse.  Cards will be loaded with 5 rounds of trap for $20.00 and 10 rounds of trap for $40.00.  Plus an initial $2.50 for the card.

The 2019 membership renewal

You may mail in the form or stop by when the club house is open.
(Please check the calendar for available dates)

Follow this link to print or download: 2019 Membership Application

Thank you for being a member!

Note: The $20 fee for late renewals has been waived.  If you were a member last year you can renew your membership anytime.

Membership dues are;
$40 per year. (Family membership cover spouse and any children under 18.)
Annual Range Pass $25 or Daily Range Pass $3 (required for range use)
Non-Volunteer Fee $30
Memberships are valid Jan 1st until Dec 31st each year.

All new members are required to attend one of the clubs Safety-Orientation class prior to being admitted to the clubs grounds. Once the class is completed you will be issued Security codes and membership ID’s.

Quarterly Member’s Meetings
 June 26th,  September 25th, and December 18th



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Van Dyne Sportsmen Club is proud to be wheelchair accessible.