State of Sturgeon Spearing

What: Community Information Meeting on Future of Sturgeon Spearing
When: Monday January 22, 2024 ⋅ 7 PM – 8 PM Central
Where: Stockbridge High School Gym, 110 School St, Stockbridge, WI 53088

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Annual General Members Meeting (AGM)

Wed. Feb. 7th 7pm


The AGM is the most important meeting of the year for members of the Van Dyne Sportsmen Club.  This is the meeting that sets the course for activities and priorities of the coming year. 


  • 2023 fiscal year-end report reviewed
  • Elections to the Board of Directors
  • New and old business discussed

The Board of Directors welcomes and encourages your input.

This meeting would be the time and the place to share suggestions and ideas to improve the club.  The AGM is a members only meeting, we are asking you to bring your membership card to the meeting.
Thank You
Van Dyne Sportsmen Club – Board of Directors

New gate code for 2024 has been implemented.

The Membership Renewal Form can be downloaded and printed out.  Fill out the form and mail it along with a check to the club for renewal.

Life members can get the new gate code via email.  INFO@VDSC.ORG

Winter Trap League

2-Man, Solo and Wobble leagues

Start Thursday Jan 4th and ends on March 21st

Awards and Fun Night on March 28th 2024


To all our Volunteers:

A huge THANK YOU to all members who helped during Sight-In-Days.  We had another good year.  This is an important part of our fund-raising efforts.  Moneys raised help fund Club improvements, ground maintenance and support shooting sports in general.  Not to mention keeping annual membership fees as low as possible.  In today’s economy, the efforts of our volunteers pay big dividends in our efforts to keep cost down and price hikes to a minimum.

Once again, to all our volunteers:


Van Dyne Sportsmen Club – Board of Directors

920-688-9035 or Info@vdsc.org

If you have question or concerns please call or email INFO@VDSC.ORG  Best response is through email (we can monitor incoming emails off-site).  Also, you can call any of the Board Members directly, phone numbers are listed here on the website.

Reminder to all Members:

To avoid range use conflicts, always check the website calendar before coming out to use the facilities.  And as REMEMBER:


Thank You

VDSC Board of Directors

New members safety orientation class

We will be giving safety orientation class:
New members please email us to arrange an appointment.


On the rifle/pistol range the only acceptable targets are paper targets or the steel gong, period.

Any member shooting anything else won’t be a member long.

For the vast majority of members who this message doesn’t apply, thank you.  If you do see anyone violating safety rules stop them and/or report them to the Safety Committee.

Remember, we are only one bullet away from being shut down.


Trespassers will be prosecuted.

Rifle and Pistol Ranges are strictly for VDSC Members and their guests.

2024 New Membership & Membership Renewal Form:

Download (PDF, 132KB)

Thank you for being a member!

Membership dues are;
$40 per year. (Family membership cover spouse and any children under 18.)
Annual Range Pass $30 or Daily Range Pass $4 (required for range use)
Opt Out Option to not Volunteer Fee $30 (If you volunteered to work last year, did you Work?  If not consider paying the $30 fee this year.)
Memberships are valid Jan 1st until Dec 31st each year.

All new members are required to attend one of the clubs Safety-Orientation class prior to being admitted to the clubs grounds. Once the class is completed you will be issued Security codes and membership


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Van Dyne Sportsmen Club is proud to be wheelchair accessible.