Lake-Fly Shoot


VDSC 200 Yard Challenge

Shoot the Lake-Fly @ 200 yards to win.

Size of Lake Fly at 200yds = 1/8 MOA.

  • $10 Entry fee per target
  • Any caliber <= .45
  • Maximum gun weight 17lbs.
  • Shooter gets 5 minutes for 5 sighter shots. On a separate target.
  • Shooter gets 5 minutes for 5 shots on Lake-Fly target.
  • One hole must cut the Lake-Fly to win.
  • Targets with more than 5 shots are disqualified.
  • No rails or lead sleds allowed. Shooters may use bipods, rifle rests and/or sand bags.  Bags must touch both rifle and bench.
  • Shooter may choose to shoot from bench or prone
  • All range rules must be followed, at all times
  • Anyone found taking themselves to serious or not having fun will be disqualified


$10 Dollar Entry Fee, Winner Receives Sticker

“I Shot a Lake Fly at 200yds at VDSC”

Questions, please email the Club.