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Lake-Fly Shoot

LAKE-FLY SHOOT VDSC 200 Yard Challenge Shoot the Lake-Fly @ 200 yards to win. Size of Lake Fly at 200yds = 1/8 MOA. $10 Entry fee per target Any caliber <= .45 Maximum gun weight 17lbs. Shooter gets 5 minutes for 5 sighter shots. On a separate target. Shooter gets 5 minutes for 5 shots on Lake-Fly target. One hole must cut the Lake-Fly to win. Targets with more than 5 shots are disqualified. No rails or lead sleds allowed.

Rifle Range Targets

Please be advised when coming out to the rifle range there is no guarantee there will be any targets or staple guns available. The Rifle Range Committee tries to keep targets available but sometimes they are used faster than we can restock them. Occasionally, staple guns disappear, if you accidentally take one home, please return it. Members are encourage to bring their own targets and staple gun. Note:  Only paper targets are allowed, hung from the center of the backing